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quick LA report
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quick LA report

the groop`s setlist was almost the same and I believe they skipped one of the songs on the first part (before the encore, that is), but i`m not sure. no substantial tuning problems for tim compared to san francisco and a more relaxd felling thoughout despite the impression they have hd enough o this american tour.

monade was good, but i still see a lot of room for improvement. it`s funny to compare leatitia's mood change between a monade and a stereolab concert. being a bandleader ain`t easy. with the setlist being obviously doomed to sameness i couldn`t resist but shout `boite en carton`. laetitia replied they didn`t rehearse that one and i said `shame on you`. i met marie the bassplayer who was again very nice, asked if i were a muscian and stuff and told me if she knew i would be coming to la too they would have my name on the list. that`s sweet, but how can you approach someone saying... `hi, i think deserve to be on your list`?

jonathan swift is really talented but can`t he make a little less obvious music? i`m pretty sure he can make anything sound good with the incredible talent and voice he has, but anyone willing to listen to his stuff more than three times must have serious brain damage or less than 16 years . of course, many performers spend years and years doing the same old bs just relying on the charm and talent, but i believe it`s a bit too early for mr. swifty. i also find amusing the fact he was selling `out of print` 7 inches.

(disclaimer. my impression is solely based on the gig. if js`s recorded output is more original, i`ll gladly check it out)

Oct 24, 2008, 16:53


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