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quick LA report
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Re: quick LA report

richard swift performance was quite not in the line with the rest of the music going on that night.. i mean..his songs are almost way too pop for me. yes he can play different instructments and have a strong voice..but quite honestly after two songs i decided to go get a drink until he finished. but the end i just found his voice very annoying.

stereolab was so consistent i have nothing to complain about. just that i went to pomona show and the set list was almost the same. the excitment were killed a bit because of that.i was so happy when they played double rocker. of course mary is irreplaceable but i am glad that they found a way to perform the songs with double vocals other than using the horn.

monade was better than last time when they toured in here.i regret for sitting upstair when they were playing. at least they played all the major good ones and i still think it was a little short, i was very excited when they played lost language in a similar fashion to the studio would be way better to have them singing 15 songs instead of putting swift in between. i envy those who went to the show in sf

Oct 27, 2008, 14:21


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