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quick LA report
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Re: quick LA report

talking about dancing, i had some weird problem with someone dancing with the groop's song.

when i was in the show earlier in sept there was a couple standing right in front of me. the guy was really tall and the girl was the opposite. it was amazing for him to get into the dancing mood right away and the whole time he was like humping his little gf.but it was also funny that he didnt seem to know when the song arrived to a point of quietness(not the end), and when he stopped for a second thinking that the music was over the song started again ( very common for stereolab's songs)

i am not trying to be snobby and say that people who doesnt know the lab should not come and enjoy and learn about them. but to me, listening to stereolab's song as purely dance music is a big disgrace to the band.
there was also this guy standing in front of me in the LA show that danced with the songs like he is playing those instruments..haha. it was fun to watch but also quite annoying, especially when you see him pretending playing the guitar.
personally i would just not look at them playing but to really listen to the layers, i think that's the most interesting part of their performance, i might go with the beat but i might be a bit timid to dance like crazy.

i think the bottom line is, dancing without bumping into the surrounding by not over exaggerating the those for abba's concert i would say.

Oct 29, 2008, 07:27


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