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Japanese Music
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hito wrote:

Gutevolk is adorable, really nice music! "Suomi" and "Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbow" are my favourite albums. I feel this one is maybe their most "labbish" track, so check it out Gary!

There seems to be a big scene for new "shoegazey" bands in Japan - my favourites are Luminous Orange, they sound kind of like a cross between Sonic Youth and Stereolab to my ears (Ian Masters from the Pale Saints even did some guest vocals on a couple of tracks). Here is an example from them:

There are quite a few Zeuhl inspired acts in Japan, the most famous of which is probably Koenji Hyakkei. Maybe not to everyone's taste, a bit "out there"....their drummer is truly fantastic, and also in the band Ruins, who I never really got into so much (yet). Also from this circle are Bondage Fruit, whose track "Octopus Command" blows my mind! Couldn't find it on youtube though :( Here is some Koenji Hyakkei:

In psychedelic music there are Acid Mothers Temple and their various offshoots - I enjoy bits of what I have heard, but they have a really huge discography and I'm not sure where to start there....can anybody advise?

And as a somewhat random addition, I have a compilation album of The Peanuts - "The Mothra Twins" from the Godzilla movies - they released a whole bunch of other stuff besides, which I find to be all quite pleasant.

I'm sure there are tons of great bands from Japan, so if anyone cares to enlighten me towards further listening in these kind of directions I would be most grateful :)

Jan 18, 2010, 02:53


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