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Yo - computer people
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basil too
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Re: Yo - computer people

jauntymonty wrote:
basil too wrote:
jauntymonty wrote:
...snippetology and not keeping up to date with the latest releases and the anti- mp3 technology.


what the hell does this mean??!!


As you are apparently a music & recording industry guru of sorts and, I a simple layman, if you dont know what this means then I am truly insane.

1. A snippet is little piece of a song how annoying!

2. I tune files are mp4 format. A pain if wanting to convert to mp3.

3. I tunes does not always provide new music on its release date. Beach House Teen Dream was advertised as release date of 1/10/10 and later advertised as 1/25/10I guess Ill see today if my illusion is true.

pardon me for not explaining, but as Thomas said it was a rant.

Don't take anything in this thread personal. It is like talking about Pro Football. Everyone has preferences and opinions and we all wrong and right.

Now I see you were talking about buying (all three complaints) music from iTunes. On this point, I totally agree. It sucks! When are they going to offer uncompressed files?! I pay the same for an Uncompressed CD or a crappy compressed mp3(4) digital copy. No Way!

I use iTunes for encoding (new version uses LAME encoder) it's pretty good. I also think it is excellent for organizing and playing music. Smart playlists are awesome, and with a few Airport Express units in the house, I have remote control of my entire library from anywhere in the house and can choose where in the house it plays.

Jan 25, 2010, 20:06


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