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Yo - computer people
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basil too
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Re: Yo - computer people

GaryB wrote:
basil too wrote:
GaryB wrote:
All 190,000 songs - wow.

What's your method/hardware/software for ripping vinyl to your computer?

Project 3 > Stanton 681 EEE MKIII > Denon 3806 > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio > 96khz / 24 bit > itunes LAME 320 kbps mp3

AND, 190,000 accessible worldwide via simplify media. It takes about 5 minutes to load the library, (it is a huge library file) but then I can browse and stream my entire library over the internet!

Wow!! Amazing.


Oh, did I mention that all this is FREE with a mac!


Of course, there is probably free software for the PC that does something similar, but 1) good luck getting it to work, and 2) you'd take a (big?) risk downloading free software and installing it on a PC.

Jan 25, 2010, 20:42


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