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basil too
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Re: IPad

wracket wrote:
If you mean target price then say it. Not that any self-respecting buy-side PM (the force which actually moves the markets, not retail bank accounts) gives a rat's ass what CS or anyone's target price is.

Not trying to get huffy...but just as you were getting a bit cranky about non-IT people saying things that were coherent to an IT professional such as yourself, well, here we are in my neck of the woods, so...

Having said all that, I'm sure Apple's stock will do fine for the next few years. Then it will wither for a decade. Then they'll release the iCar and be saved.

Awesome! Free financial advice. All I want to know is when should I sell? ;)

And I should state for the record, "I don't know shit about stocks".

I am only buying APPL on my opinion of the the forward thinking CEO and quality (read expensive) products they produce.

One more opinion, the iPad value for APPL is not about hardware, Jobs even said it in the "event", Apple want to get this device in peoples hands. The iPad is about content delivery. That is where the profits will come from. Selling games, textbooks, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, tv shows, Apps, oh and more music. They have sold THREE BILLION...THAT'S BILLION apps to iPhone and iPod touch users.

Jan 27, 2010, 22:15


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