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The "I'm Not Seeing Avatar" Club
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Mars Rover wrote:
... i really could care less about it.


I usually try to define myself by what I will do rather than what I won't. So whilst I am "not a Christian" I would never label myself as such. Christianity has no bearing on my vision of myself. Thus, I will not be known as a member of the "I'm not buying Pink's Funhouse" nor "I am not eating this rotten meat" club. I think it is a good philosophy, even if I cannot always stick to it.

Ditto this movie. By decrying it and saying "I won't see it and I want you to know it", you are totally buying into the whole Avatar phenomenon. You are saying Avatar is important to you but you are too prejudiced to watch it. Your only option now is to go and see it and then say you hated it or it was a waste of time. Anything else leaves you appearing to value Avatar highly.

Incidentally, I did see this film. Whilst I usually prefer stories with interesting dialogue and philosophical concepts, I ventured along with a group. The storyline is full of cliches but the overall message of the film is not too bad (respect nature). More importantly, the 3D experience was an awesome ride. Having said that, if anyone but members of the "I'm Not Seeing Avatar" Club does not watch it, their life will be no different.

Jan 22, 2010, 02:06


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