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Labhead wrote:

Very interesting post, very thoughtful.
I'm curious, what do you do? Psychology related perhaps?

No, but I probably think too much. I did go to uni and study Arts.

Labhead wrote:

I personally just thought it was a funny way for him to say "hey, even though this might be great to most, I'm not buying it because it simply doesn't look like something I'd like... am I alone in this thought, or...?"

Sure, I agree that was probably the intention and was being kinda funny with my reply. Having said that, I think it is safer to err on the side of caution and say "the hype annoys me" or ask "is this film any good?" rather than taking a strong stand against it as a film. As I said in the first post, if you hate the hype then it is best not to buy into it by bringing it up. You only end up torturing yourself

Labhead wrote:

I have been asking myself that same question; for some reason, it doesn't look at that great to me (I can't quite say why), but I'm going to try to trust the rumors on this one (although I've been burned before by public rumors of what's good) because I like some of the director's other movies, and I want to see how 3d has advanced at the Imax.

Listen, it is a typical blockbuster in every way and one day the 3D will be embarassingly bad but for now, you could spend your money and time in a far worse way than watching this film at an Imax in 3D. Having said that, don't go if you don't wanna but I would not wait til it comes out on DVD.

Jan 22, 2010, 02:39


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