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The State of the Union
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Bytor Peltor
Bytor Peltor
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Re: The State of the Union

Jasonspaceman wrote:
Martian wrote:
Amazing what a talented bunch of speechwriters, a teleprompter, and a talented orator can do.


Bush had speechwriters and his delivery could have been done better by a 4th grader.

You are so correct about Bush and a 4th grader. Odd thing is, Obama has done little to change what Bush set into motion during his eight years. After one year in office, Gitmo is still up and running and our troops are nowhere close to coming home. It's nice that Obama has called for a "freeze" on federal spending. What most fail to realize is most federal budgets were doubled / tripled in size his first year in office so calling for a "freeze" isn't really as his administration makes it appear.

IF (and it's a big IF) Obama doesn't complete some of his promises made during the election and if Republicans win more spots in November (see Massachusetts two weeks ago), the Democratic Party will become so disenfranchised with Obama that he won't even run for re-election!

Feb 04, 2010, 01:59


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