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The State of the Union
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Re: debt, budgets, when Obama's policies take affect, compounding interest

AND... don't forget, Obama's tax plan cut our taxes more than McCain's planned to! Unless you make more than $111,646 a year...

Whatcha got to say now, huh? Butbutbutbut, businesses.... boo-frickin'-hoo, they've been getting a free lunch and getting too greedy for too long, where's our share? The wealth is concentrated in the top few % more than in fairly recent history, and it's getting worse. We have a minimum wage, how about a maximum wage? I don't think Obama's liberal enough. He should be saying "I won by a landslide and I was even an underdog due to racism, so this is how it's gonna go from now on, bitches!", right?

I'm just saying, things should be more fair, not anarchy.

Feb 04, 2010, 05:05


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