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The State of the Union
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Re: debt, budgets, when Obama's policies take affect, compounding interest

jauntymonty wrote:

No biggie. I just googled "what has obama done so far?"

Seems we only hear about his failures. The media feeds on that. Republican's feed on that, and as they should.

Obama is mired up in the quicksand of the political process. I'm glad he has made some way through that.

OK, thanks for 'googling' that - but I could have done that - what I'm looking for are results that people don't have to 'google' or 'wiki' for. That is, I want to know of the results that are of such significance that they impress upon the minds of people in the USA in their everyday lives to the extent that people are assured that change for good is going on.

It's interesting that Bytor Peltor (to whom my question was addressed), has not currently answered (perhaps there is a lengthy post on the way). This, of course, raises questions about the purpose of the post purely as a 'counter factual' one, full of irrelevant hot air, or or if it was one of genuine frustration based on abject failure of government - even though it's only been a year to put right all of the catastrophic BS that the people of the entire planet have had to endure, and in many hundreds of thousands of instances for the cost of their lives.


Feb 04, 2010, 20:09


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