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The State of the Union
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Bytor Peltor
Bytor Peltor
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Re: debt, budgets, when Obama's policies take affect, compounding interest

revox wrote:
Uh huh, so those 're things he 'hasn't' done, has anything that he said he'd do actually been done?


YES - there are several things Obama promised that has been accomplished. The credit card bill of rights and expanding the small business loan program are two of the biggest in my book. However, these were "no brainers" and a MUST to start down the road to financial recovery. As important as I feel these issues are, Obama didn't make them the most important of his campaign. He did not win the election because of these issues.

As I said in my earlier post: pork barrel / wasteful spending, transparency / efficient government, no appointments for lobbyist - these are the promises that got Obama elected. For me, these are the issues that are important......and the importance shouldn't be determined by who occupies the White House / Congress / how you or I voted. The "importance" comes from whats best for the United States.

Feb 05, 2010, 01:29


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