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The State of the Union
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Re: debt, budgets, when Obama's policies take affect, compounding interest

~Reducing spending is an issue (Placed a pay cap on members of the executive branch.)

I'm gonna bust a gut laughing. The thought that placing a pay cap on members of the executive branch is going reduce our spending of any inkling of significance. . .

The thought that Bush's reckless spending in 8 years holds a candle to the spending Obama just spewed fourth in 1 year makes me wonder if you've been drinking so much of the Kool-Aid that you're intoxicated beyond all reason.

Are you confusing "billions" with "trillions"? Please stop this complete fucking insanity before our national credit rating hits the shithouse and the faulty foundation of the Euro further exacerbates the recession in Europe too. Please stop this before the bubble bursts in China and they pull the plug on funding our debt, demanding payment on principle.

Do you think that whatever meager incentives Obama is hawking will actually cause businesses to hire people when they know full-well that their taxes will increase adjacent to the price of healthcare? Of course they're not budging now and neither will Wall Street. They're all waiting for the next routed, inexperienced attack from Washington. Attack the banks, attack Toyota. ..fuck it, letís go after everything Capital!

Do you really think that using my tax dollars to prop up alternative energy is going to cause significant enough catalyst toward any sudden economic growth? Has it worked in the last 10 years? How's that Ethanol industry working out for you? Has the department of Energy lessened our dependence on foreign oil? I mean shit. . .if I had the means to open a business, I would certainly hold back or seek a location anywhere else but here.

How about Iran and their hot new nukes? Will the leveling of Israel be just a dress rehearsal to their true nuclear intentions on the West?

What will the next terrorist attack (and they have recently warned us that this is all but inevitable) do to the economy and jobs?

Oh fuck it. When all else fails, blame Bush.


Feb 05, 2010, 15:01


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