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The State of the Union
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Re: debt, budgets, when Obama's policies take affect, compounding interest

cyberpainte wrote:
Bringing up Mengele is very insulting.

You've cleverly sidestepped a straightforward, non-personal question, one that was a genuine and solely for the purposes of information - the OP topic is clearly not restricted to stem cell research as a main point of Pres Obama's pre-election campaign.

If the question was with regard to your personal decisions, then your refusal to answer would be your prerogative.

However, you have chosen to express personal opinion in your post, so the first question still stands :

What independent evidence is there that has reassured you of the ethical nature of stem cell research?

And, secondly :

Have you been to Oświęcim?


Feb 07, 2010, 19:27


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