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The Absolute Worst Musician(s) Ever
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Re: The Absolute Worst Musician(s) Ever

creed is blasphemous, garbage.

that 'closing time' song is so cruelly pathetic

Most music is insulting to listen to. I feel as if I've been insulted and that the musicians owe ME money for subjecting me to their failings. but, I usually don't spend my time listening to "bad" music. It's not something I want to do with my life, it makes me physically ill. Music is warfare, just in case you didn't know. The big bang and all that?? they don't call it the big bang for nothing. Why do I always feel like I'm repeating myself and will anyone be able to relate with me??? when?? Why?
yes, sound technology is some of the most sophisticated weapons in military and law enforcement. you can kill a person with sound. so, I don't take bad music lightly. It is a weapon. you could demolish the earth with a large enough sound.
That's why all recordings are the property of the government. well that and many more reasons.
but all these irresponsible artists deserve bad things. as if I'm the arbiter of blessings and curses, which I'm not. anyone considering a career in music will best succeed if they understand what a lethal weapon music and given this knowledge create to the best of their ability pieces that will progress society.
and where did I learn all this, right here at the Official Stereolab Forum and the fortunate experience of fraternizing with the government entities employed to reduce the damage "bad" music inflicts on citizens.
There is not a molecule of air in the world which isn't accounted for and serving multiple purposes including respiration.

Feb 03, 2010, 23:07


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