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The Absolute Worst Musician(s) Ever
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Re: Piano Man

hito wrote:
revox wrote:

There were a number of songs like this at that time in history

such as?

revox wrote:
Joel is taking a pop at himself; it is not a song of arrogance

How, pray tell?

revox wrote:
if you were alive (and not in nappies), at that time in the 70's, you would perhaps appreciate it a little more :-)


Could you explain what was going on at the time that would make this song seem anything but a pat on the back?

Harry Chapin cat's in the cradle or W.O.L.D. or The Carpenters Superstar (sonic youth did a great cover), Ralph McTell Streets of London, those are just off the top of my head, it was a time of lamentation.

Your second question may be answered by listening to the lyrics again and imagine that it is Bob Dylan accompanying himself on the guitar singing about a piano player.

Your third question may take some time to answer; the early 70's were a painful time for the world and one of the great t-shirts said "We're like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a load of bullsh*t" - there was no internet or forums on which to share intercontinental views. With the advent of the internet and global communications between the ordinary people of the world I believed that there would never be another war - how wrong I was.

If you want to check out the name Peter Mandelson in the UK and what he (and the Government) are planning with the internet you may begin to wonder, as I am, that it may be time to get those classic t-shirts re-printed.

I will attempt to be a little more verbose re your 3rd question when I have a little more time.


Feb 06, 2010, 01:29


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