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Chemical Chords
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Chemical Chords

I'm realy disappointed from this LP. Now, after I heared it through for the last two months, it's clear to me that it is a weak piece, indeed. The songs are just bad, except "fractal dream of a thing" that's maybe pretend to be fascinating like the tracks in LP's like Cobra, Sound and Margerine, but as much as the other tracks, it sounds just as a small idea for a fragment in a bigger , wizer piece of track, like the Lab did before. I hope this LP is not the "Swan song" of the lab. As a musician, you can't take such tiny fragments and make complete LP, I don't think any kind of lush production will compensate for the lack of good-complete ideas, and I realy don't want to talk about the production, that as the lack of ideas and motivation for individual tracks, the complete piece is surely not homogenic, as it suppose to be.
May the music be with you guys!

Oct 29, 2008, 12:24