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Holiday Plans?
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Holiday Plans?

revox wrote:
GaryB wrote:
Eddie Chargeman wrote:
It's twelve dollars. all you can eat. all the steak you can eat

This my friend's idea of heaven. I need to check it out, if even just to be polite. In no way am I a foodie hipster. I have a working-class palate, make no mistake.

Ha, palate! Palate?

There's no way that you're working class!

Palate, indeed, hrumph.

The last time my working class pals used the word was when they nicked some from behind Asda to sell to the dairies for re-use - they can't spell either, that's how working class they are; a palate is a pallet is a pallette.


Hey, you might get into a steak eating contest with some truck driver and he'll win but he'll have a heart attack, 'n' you'll be so filled with remorse and take his rig to make his delivery but find out there's some deep trucker's secret about how little driving they do 'n', hm this story sounds familiar.

i just watched that episode last night ;)

Mar 10, 2010, 16:46


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