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Best song/Album
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Best song/Album

Hello Everyone!

Just another thread to make you list the song you think is the best on each Stereolab album.
So I begin, Ladies and gentlemans

SO-->Doubt (My fave song ever)
Peng!-->Enivrez-Vous (transl:Get Drunk)
The Groop...-->U.H.F.-MFP
MAQ-->Canned Heat
ETK-->Les Yper-Sound
AT-->The Long Hair of Death/The Incredible He Woman (I can't decide on this one!)
Cobra-->Blue Milk
The 1st-->Outer Bongolia
Sound-Dust-->Captain EasyChord
Margerine Eclipse-->Bop Scotch
Fab4Suture-->Excursions into 'oh,a-oh'
CC-->Pop Molecule

This is it!
I've just put here the LP, for other release, just tell me and maybe I'll rate them

Mar 17, 2010, 18:03