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Re: just a note:

He wasnt speaking for any other art other then music. I think people invest more personally in music. As its unfortunately more-so a form of personal expression for people other then the artist. (externally, non-creatively participating that is)

A lot of people feel they express themselves thru what they listen to. It's like an audiotory T-shirt slogan. People generally support the ideas of their t-shirts. Ie: "relax" or "mccain sucks".

Not as many people feel expression thru the visual artists they like or the television/films they watch. As i think its more a passive involvment.

Conversly a lot of ppl could care less about what a musician has to say, they are in it for the hook, or melody. And are just as passivley enjoying it as a painting or a movie/tv show.

Oct 31, 2008, 02:37