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Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!
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Re: Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!

cyberpainter wrote:
revox wrote:
cyberpainte wrote:

What did you have on your computer before it crashed? Why can't you get that again? Yes buying a whole new CS suite is horribly expensive. I only get Photoshop, and most of us who have it are on the upgrade treadmill, which isn't as expensive. Well, it's a couple hundred bucks, but I feel like when I decide to upgrade, the new features are worth it. Getting the whole suite I wouldn't be able to afford and would only be able to do it if I had a job that made it essential. I think it's way overpriced. However I think it's the best art software out there, and adobe knows it and knows they can get those prices from the professionals. It sucks.

Depends upon what version of PS/CS you have - looks like Adobe are going to be releasing CS5 in a month or two so you'd need at least cs2 to upgrade to it for the upgrade 'discount' or get left behind. I don't agree that it's the best art software - depends upon what the 'artist' is doing - for your work I reckon Corel Painter would be more suitable (certainly in conjunction with the version of PS you're running), in fact the whole of the CorelDraw suite is a better bet than Adobe's either buck fer buck or pound for pound or feature for feature, CorelDraw can do some amazing DTP layout work and PhotoPaint is easily as good as PhotoShop but it just hasn't been pushed in the markets (but those that use it know the truth).

Are you talking to me in this? How do you know what I do or what version I have? I have CS2 Photoshop. There isn't anything out there that is as good, and I intend to upgrade soon. I used to use Painter before Corel took it over and bungled it so badly. They may have finally got their shit together, but it was horribly buggy for a few years there. I haven't kept up. But Corel definitely left a bad taste in my mouth after that experience.

The post is in response to yours I think, isn't it? Some posters here leaves a trail a mile wide - you have a web site, on that web site is lots of information about you, about your 'art' and the iste includes the version of PhotoShop you use.

Mar 21, 2010, 23:35


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