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Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!
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Re: Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!

cyberpainter wrote:

Are you talking to me in this? How do you know what I do or what version I have? I have CS2 Photoshop. There isn't anything out there that is as good, and I intend to upgrade soon. I used to use Painter before Corel took it over and bungled it so badly. They may have finally got their shit together, but it was horribly buggy for a few years there. I haven't kept up. But Corel definitely left a bad taste in my mouth after that experience.

@ cyberpainter That you 'don't generally leave an obvious trail' is not the same as having done so at some point, even if it was only once - or even if it may have been done by someone with the best of intentions on your behalf.

I am relying solely on memory of having seen the site and the reference to PS, I'm not going to hunt down the post, it's here somewhere.

There is a crazy notion amongst many posters suggesting they think they are in the safety of their own livingroom here. The forum, any forum, is open to anyone in the world that can connect to it, be they lab fans, crooks, con-men, the law, authorities anyone. People 'know' this but blinker themselves to it, forums that collect details and have some password to access all content - to read, to post etc - have some protection, but this forum is virtually open.

For someone like me, with a good memory for what I've read, everything on here may just as well have been said to me in a bar or on a train or a bus. It seems that many see the forum as being a deposit for what they think are just toss-away remarks and viewpoints and they believe these will have neither longevity nor content that they have to take responsibility for.

With regard to CS2, I'm amazed that you can state that 'There isn't anything out there that is as good, and I intend to upgrade soon' - the version you are using is 3 years old! You can't talk with any authority over there being anything good or bad unless you have tried CS4 or Corel Painter XI - the brush engine in CS3 alone blitzes CS2's and, especially with a Wacom graphics tablet, buck for buck and pound for pound, Corel's Painter whups PS's behind.

As you are running PSCS2 you will get the 'benefit' of the upgrade pricing to CS5 - because, although it isn't being marketed just yet, past records show that it is due sometime soon, but from a financial viewpoint Painter XI is a more economical and natural option for digital painter/artists.


Mar 22, 2010, 13:50


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