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Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!
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Re: Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!

DevastatorJr. wrote:
revox wrote:

The bottom line is, if you are earning a living from something that someone else has to earn a living from, do the decent sensible thing and BUY IT.


The Pirate Bay WAS actually what caused my problem in the first place, so you're right about that.

But as regard to doing the "decent sensible thing", if it were possible, I would, but I simply cannot, so I must pursue other options. I do not have the luxery of considering corporate profit motives over and above concern for my own survival. And THAT'S the bottom line. Thanks for your concern and opinion though.

I'm glad that you have interpreted my concern :-)

WRT Adobe - I have to agree 'bout the corporate part, don't personally give a rat's arse, but the ordinary programers are being laid off left right and centre, as usual management are not the first to suffer - it is the ordinary folk that are being milked then farmed off to Burger King. Consider the wider picture and consequences of your decision.

Mar 22, 2010, 17:55


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