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Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!
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Re: Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!

DevastatorJr. wrote:

WRT Adobe - I have to agree 'bout the corporate part, don't personally give a rat's arse, but the ordinary programers are being laid off left right and centre, as usual management are not the first to suffer - it is the ordinary folk that are being milked then farmed off to Burger King. Consider the wider picture and consequences of your decision.[/quote]

Well Revox, could you imagine a scenario where, during a time of lessening profits, (or even during normal times,) executives would decide to reduce their own salaries and bonuses, rather than lay off ordinary workers? Don't count on it.

It's so common in our society to blame the people on the bottom, who may be transgressing some rule of officialdom in a minor way out of desperation, rather than looking at the decisions of those at the top who impose the structural conditions which cause the problems in the first place.

When a certain tool becomes the industry-wide standard for participation in a particular field, is it really fair to charge such outrageous prices for those tools? When you do that, you're essentially barring entry to those fields to people who can't afford to pay those prices. It's a way of ensuring that certain career opportunities always go to the same class of people. I do not accept those circumstances. I do not think that I, or anyone else should be perpetually relegated to Burger King employee because I can't afford the ultra-expensive tools that would allow me to play the game.

I also feel that way about most media. If want to steal Avatar, go ahead, it already made billions, sieze your right to participate in the cultural conversation.[/quote]

Disagree. Y' see, I refuse to join the ranks of the scum, those that you believe are 'essentially barring entry to those fields to people who can't affort to pay those prices', and play their dishonest game - you aren't.

What you are also blind to is the fact that you have fallen for their spin and believe that theirs is the only option - when there is talent, any option is grasped, any tool is productive. If you are talented then you will find another tool without falling into the pits alongside those that you accuse here. You are justifying breaking laws that are meant to actually protect people and you are essentially descending to the level of the corporates.

If you are earningn money by using illegal software, and you are 'caught', trust me, they will royally shaft you - ignorant idiots that seriously seem to be lacking knowledge of the law are usually slapped on the wrist, business people aren't. You know this.

Mar 22, 2010, 19:00


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