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Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!
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Re: Help Me Obi Wan Adobe!

cyberpainter wrote:
revox wrote:

The problem with CS2 is the version of CRAW it supports, I'm sure that you are aware that it isn't the latest version and if you were to update your DSLR then you would probably need the latest, or at least CS4, to use CRAW.

Because I have to wait until I can afford a new Photoshop, I've put up with having to download a few other things to get my CS2 to recognize my new Nikon D90 raw files. Not too big a hassle, but I just use Nikon transfer, then I look at them if I want to in View NX, then convert them to a more universal DNG file using Adobe DNG Converter.

Ah, the D90, nice camera. Do you know that you can import Picture Controls into ViewNX (alongside those already in-camera) and also edit in RAW? If you haven't tried it then give it a go and compare your ViewNX developed RAW with Adobe's or whichever alternatives you've had to get (mind if I ask what they are) - I think you'll be blown away.

Mar 23, 2010, 09:41


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