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Whatcha listening to this week?
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Re: Whatcha listening to this week?

sister irene o'connor - posted a link to this on this here board the other day. beautiful and very haunting. i'm not particularly religious but am very partial to religious music, especially when its as good as this.

basil kirchin: charcoal sketches/states of mind - been after this for a couple of years but to no avail until last week when i found a reasonably priced copy on amazon. short but almost perfectly formed. apart from maybe a little too much "squonking" here and there.

mike taylor: pendulum - top drawer mid-sixties british jazz with an air of malevolence about it. sounds in places like slapp happy in their "desperate straights" era, but without any singing. also notable for not being especially "free" jazz and all the better for it. its more like "trapped" jazz, which does sound rather painful.

mike curb congregation - nixon now/more than ever - downloaded this from the same place i got the singing nun from. terrible but very addictive. i think this was the promotional single that the nixon campaign put out before the fateful watergate term. i bloody hope it is.

it's time for tristram cary - got an advance copy of this lovely new trunk release about a month ago and its been in heavy rotation ever since. great, historic electronic experiments from a time when you could stick electronic experiments on the soundtrack for pretty much anything without people looking at you all funny and asking if you could maybe use florence and the machine instead.or whoever her equivalent was in 1968.

button moon (end titles): peter davison and sandra dickinson - to brits of a certain age, this requires no explanation, which is good 'cos i've run out of journalistic steam here. if you're no a brit of a certain age and don't know what i'm talking about, look it up on youtube.

oh and videophone by lady gaga. listened to that quite a bit too.

Apr 06, 2010, 17:11


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