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Whatcha listening to this week?
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Re: Whatcha listening to this week?

jauntymonty wrote:
"People are expensive", arn't they. Did some sampling on iT.

Downloaded some Echobelly. Do you like Big Sky Mind?

Hmmm.... to be honest, I haven't gotten familiar with "Gravity Pulls" yet. Maybe I wasn't in the Echobelly mood when I finally picked up the cd, but I'm getting back into them lately so now you've made me dig this out again, thx. :)

I think I'm going to have Echobelly on heavy rotation tomorrow while working.

As for "Big Sky Mind"... I'm listening to it now and I'm enjoying it if that helps. It's a relaxing sort of song with a spacey beginning and end, but slow guitar strumming in the middle. I don't think I'm too good at describing music sometimes. :)

The "People Are Expensive" struck me more than their last so far, but I'll let you know if G.P. strikes me tomorrow.

I used to love their earlier albums. E.G.O. was serious-y, On was optimistic sounding, and Lustra was a great but mixed bag collection. The singer sure enunciates very clearly when she sings! Also enjoyed their socially conscious lyrics.

Apr 07, 2010, 04:34


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