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Whatcha listening to this week?
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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: Whatcha listening to this week?

I listened to Stereolab this week. Today I want to listen to circus screamers. but I can't find any that meet my criteria. I don't want to listen to the clarinet. It's not often that I listen to the music because it frays my synapses, but this week I've been more amenable.
Last Sunday I watch psychedelic videos from the sixties on you tube and I became very analytical about it.

I like that song and I want to play it on my Harmonica but without all the singing just with Harmonica only. Plus I like that picture of that doll face sylph, it inspired me. but I enjoyed perusing these old tunes and looking at the album covers and listening to the songs, some were truly awful. There's a song called Fresh Garbage!! Yikes! it's crud.
But that one song I can really jam on my blues harp to. Plus I found a new American made harp I'm lusting for, oh, it's so extravagant, I must have one.
I don't listen to much. It's hard enough to get any peace and quiet.

Apr 12, 2010, 16:28


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