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Whatcha listening to this week?
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Re: Whatcha listening to this week?

meanchico wrote:
He's kickin' it on Facebook.

It's sad that he was driven away from the forum in such an assholey way.

He has stomped away many times. I've shared forums with him for 5 or 6 years, and he always has a hand in the conflicts that surround him. Not saying others don't go way too far, I agree that they can to the point of downright abusiveness. But he sometimes brings conflicts on himself since he knows exactly what pushes certain people's buttons even sometimes to the point of trolling, and he also is highly sensitive to the point of playing the martyr when it comes to his own buttons.

I'm sorry if that's harsh, but the past has a lot of baggage on here and the gs. I would say things had gotten a lot better in recent years though. Mostly because his partner in crime was absentee, and his nemesis was also mostly gone for a while. Can't remember the final conflict but I imagine it had to do with religion...

May 09, 2010, 21:21


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