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Whatcha listening to this week?
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Re: Whatcha listening to this week?

I haven't listened to anything this week. except one or two pop artists and I'm still into Bach. I guess I'll get over it one day and for now I am content with my beginning forays into Bach. but I want to hear other things as well. I look forward to Laetitia's solo material and also Not Music. Yay! I heard some interesting harp music today in a movie soundtrack which was the highpoint of my day. but no, it wasn't the best. it was inspiring, interesting. I've been playing my castants without much success and I would like to learn some traditional duras as well as the corresponding flamenco dances. It's fun. and I can learn the duras on my harmonica. It's nice. but I'm having difficulty finding and authentic "artist" free interpretation as opposed to a classical lesson. I guess it's up to me to figure it out. :/ not the boogie part there are plenty of dancing lessons but I want to learn the dura and the corresponding dance and then be able to be able to play the dura and maybe even vocalize the dura. lofty ambitions I know. I need something constructive to do.

Jun 26, 2010, 05:09


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