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secret alias man talks about aliens
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secret alias man talks about aliens

this might be different or interesting for a while until it moves along to page two. say something or anything using an alias username that you don’t use anymore, maybe one from years of old on our now defunct green forum. however, *rolling eyes* please don’t let us know who you are. I remember someone called “G spot” on the green forum. we need a subject to discuss so:

“what do you think aliens look like and why”

if aliens from outer space are able to make a trip to our world then they would need to have appendages in order to manipulate objects to fabricate a spaceship so they would generally have arms, hands and legs although they could hop around on a single appendage, I suppose, and would have devices for vision, but not necessarily hearing. if not spacefaring or technically advanced the life form would depend on adaptation to its particular planet, for example, on a water only world flippers would be in good order. if all of the life forms are flying creatures then the world would reflect the color of the droppings.

he he

Apr 06, 2010, 21:32