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Strange. . .
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Re: Strange. . .

Mars Rover wrote:
TheAllNewCybele wrote:
This has nothing to do with race, and GWB's wreckless spending doesn't hold a candle to this. Expect to see way larger rallies - not only prior to November, but on tax day next year.


"to this" ...enlighten us. how has spending increased this year?

Cybele's not taking into account the hand that Obama was dealt. Much of the spending the right is complaining about was either carry-over spending or compound interest from the Bush years or spending he had to do because of the dire situation that Bush led us into that forced Obama to stop the severe hemorraging with the stimulus packages and bailouts. Once we recover from what Bush set into motion, Obama can work on balancing the budget better once again like how Clinton did. Remember, Clinton finally had our budget nearly back in the black, headed for our country not owing anything, and Bush screwed it all up during those 8 years. By the time he left office, we were losing over 600,000 jobs a month. And yet most of the right wants to blame Obama and keep on the bad path. Pathetic.

Apr 16, 2010, 18:11


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