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Strange. . .
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Re: Strange. . .

I disagree with blaming any past admin a year later, and I've always been critical of any elected leader(s) that acted like fiscal retards.

Bush increased the debt and the tax burden too; and it was very asshole-like behavior. I've walked into two Tea Parties in my life: tax day 2009 and tax day 2010. At both, speakers acknowledged that this reckless behavior also occurred during the Bush administration, but, unless math was recently tilted on its head, we all know that the irresponsibility of Bush didn't hold a candle to this shit.

So just wait folks; you ain't seen nothing yet. If it isn't the Sept. elections, it's April 15, the 2011 next presidential election. Probably all.

By the way, each of you that are Americans owe $89 Grand apiece to the rest of the world and so do your kids.

We're owned,


Apr 17, 2010, 17:29


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