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Medicare and Social Security
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Medicare and Social Security

I'd like to propose new legislation:
I'm 35 years old. Give me 1/10 of the money I paid into Medicare and Social Security now. I will, in turn, invest it and grow it on my own until I reach retirement. I guarantee that when I reach retirement, it will actually BE THERE. In fact, it will have grown.
Having said that, I appreciate the trust and risk that China has had in investing & funding policies I have had no say in. I promise that, some day, we will re-pay you, with interest, when you contractually demand the funds. Please pay no attention to what happens to the credit rating of our bonds and keep funding us. Should we not reverse the ongoing policies of the last few generations, it's not really my problem - my children will take care of it.



Apr 17, 2010, 21:54


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