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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Medicare and Social Security

So you point to Japan's lost decade to support your claim that market investing is risky, and they don't always grow? Very convenient way to narrow it down to putting every egg in one basket over a relatively short term. Obviously, you have to be a moron to put it all in one place and roll the dice over 10 years.

I started the whole thing saying that I was 35, so that should give you the indication that I theoretically wouldn't collect on SS until I was well into my 60's - theoretically, that is. That is, if the money that I was forced to put into the fund hadn't been STOLEN. Obviously I would go with a very safe, diverse, investment over the long haul.

So, to clarify, I didn't way that you should give it to Gordon Gekko by suggesting that you had THE CHOICE to invest it. I'm just saying, don't give it to the government is all. I think that most people will go with the later option as it's safer. They have a say in where their money goes.


Apr 18, 2010, 15:35


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