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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Medicare and Social Security

No, this is what you said (and what I was responding to):

"The Dow Jones and the S&P have averaged just under 12% in any 10 year period since their inception."

That is simply not true, as your beloved charts confirm. It speaks to a very cursory knowledge of investing on your part. Nor does it inspire confidence in your ability to plan for your own retirement.

Nonetheless, I am not a proponent of centralized pension investing (not on the US Federal scale, at least) nor of the masses simply sitting back and hoping someone else takes care of their post-retirement needs. So I encourage you to take this evident interest you have in investing and build upon it with a more sophisticated knowledge of the subject. And then you won't be renting and paying off your Yaris forever and will have income excess of your expenditure and be able to donate to the charities of your choice...and the world will be just the tiniest bit better for it.

Apr 18, 2010, 15:49


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