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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Stock picking contest

Labhead wrote:
Dominick wrote:

I totally with you Cybele.

Keep you hands and scams out of my pocketbook. I don't take kindly to this *slavery*.

Baby-boomers, I don't owe you nothing!!! Y'all get bent!

Uh.... here's my beef/2 cents on this topic.
The society that others have built have provided you with an opportunity to live easy (or easier than cavemen anyway) and make money. Without this society and its schools, roads, hospitals, etc etc etc (i.e. 'socialism'), wealth couldn't really happen. When people earn money upon the shoulders of society and its elders, it's only proper to give back to what provided the means in the first place. To think or do otherwise is selfish, greedy, and mean.

Without this society and its socialism, you'd have to work many hours a day just to farm and provide for yourself; you'd be too busy to grow really wealthy. You'd struggle just to survive and would have a much shorter lifespan.

Labhead's right, Dominick. If you walk out your door and use anything in society, it's been built on the backs of people before you, and by the people all around you. You don't live in a vacuum.

Apr 20, 2010, 05:43


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