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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Stock picking contest

cyberpainter wrote:
Labhead wrote:
Dominick wrote:

I totally with you Cybele.

Keep you hands and scams out of my pocketbook. I don't take kindly to this *slavery*.

Baby-boomers, I don't owe you nothing!!! Y'all get bent!

Uh.... here's my beef/2 cents on this topic.
The society that others have built have provided you with an opportunity to live easy (or easier than cavemen anyway) and make money. Without this society and its schools, roads, hospitals, etc etc etc (i.e. 'socialism'), wealth couldn't really happen. When people earn money upon the shoulders of society and its elders, it's only proper to give back to what provided the means in the first place. To think or do otherwise is selfish, greedy, and mean.

Without this society and its socialism, you'd have to work many hours a day just to farm and provide for yourself; you'd be too busy to grow really wealthy. You'd struggle just to survive and would have a much shorter lifespan.

Labhead's right, Dominick. If you walk out your door and use anything in society, it's been built on the backs of people before you, and by the people all around you. You don't live in a vacuum.

Wait just a minute!

I grow all my own food on my two acre "payed for lot." I have beehives and chickens(for eggs and honey)...

The stuff in society(roads n' streetlights) are there from all the massive taxes I pay out.(local state taxes). They get nothing from my social security.

The police make more money now than GOD VIA writing tickets more by way of their dirty little traps and by "NOT" serving the publics safety issues. Like I said, they make more money than GOD and that's why they are there. They are like redneck hunters and we the people are the deer they hunt. They will not die for you. Ever. Never. Count on it.

They cultivate the crime far more than protect the public.

My federal government blows all my tax dollars on shit giving hand-jobs to the elite corporations... It's a fools paradise for them and their hostile corporate takeovers of foreign nations in the guise of WARS of liberation.

FYI, My roads are payed for from my property tax, gas tax and car registration. Whenever My government can(all the time), they sell my highways and freeways to off-shore toll-road companies for under-the-table side deals that fund their political campaigns.


Social security has been gutted and raped. It use to be a good thing. Now, its just my parents and their parents phucking me. The Bush GOP platform made sure of that.

I'm self employed. I employ 15 other people and offer them and their families health-care. NOBODY GETS A FREE RIDE!

I payed over 70 grand this year alone in taxes. because, I choose to stick my middle finger at the corporate giants? ( Or is it them ate me? really, government hates the American small business owner!!! They hate HATE HATE US!!)

Social security in this day and age is the last straw. It is your government insulting your intelligence. If you become injured and need your social security to survive your gonna need a high dollar lawyer to get on red cent out of'em.

I've worked my fingers to the bone and far beyond since I was 13.

The elderly baby-boomers ain't paying nothing forward!!! All they are doing is winding this nation up to burn.

I've fought for my country. If the baby-booms want respect from me they first need to show respect for the future generations.

Apr 20, 2010, 07:24


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