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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Stock picking contest

TheAllNewCybele wrote:
The argument that those of us that(CHOOSE TO) do so easier, and with less taxes and entitlements from our govenment is rather thin.

From a Gen X perspective, I think we have, do, and will work way harder than Baby Boomers and end our lives in less security and pretty much the receiving end of zero entitlements that we paid into, such as Social Security.

Remember when Dolly sang the sone "9 to 5"? I've been working at various capacities in offices for 15 years, and it's more like "7 to 6". Are our taxes lower than 25 years ago? Should we expect a functioning Medicare system and Social Security when we retire? What age will we retire? 85 years old?


So you make a generalization about a whole generation of people, claiming your generation works way harder than they do, to make your point more valid. That is a very thin part of your argument.

Apr 20, 2010, 16:31


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