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Medicare and Social Security
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Re: Medicare and Social Security

Mmm. I don't know that we always get back something equal for what we spend.

If you have private health insurance then you pay for the people who are sicker than you. If you have a public health system then you also pay for those less healthy.

The sad thing is, you never know when that sicker person will be you so you pay something out and maybe you get it back, maybe you don't.

You could go fully private, pay for everything yourself, but what happens if you need the million dollar job done on you? What if you fell from the 2nd floor at 21 and nearly died? You need the surgery and you never accrued the money. So in places with no insurance (public or private) you probably die.

Sure, taxes are unfair because you pay for someone else's education or strip of road or forest that you never walk in.

But all spending is unfair. If I want to get my house built by a guy with a penchant for porsches and cocaine addicted wife then I pay for that. Say you get a tax break because you own a company then the government hits me up for the money you don't pay. If my doctor visits Italy and pays for a hotel owned by a lady who buys fur coats from a guy who wants a yacht then I pay for that. If you get a pay rise, I pay for that. If you buy a house and do nothing to it but the value increases and I buy it off you then I pay. If I buy pizza off a guy who pays kick backs to a mobster who buys lobster from a fisherman who pulls the beast out of the sea for less than he sells it then I pay.

Capitalism is as much about paying for lazy do-nothings as communism. Consumer power is a myth, equality under communism is nonsense, fair pay is relative and the amount of tax people should or shouldn't pay is arbitrary, working so much harder than others to the point where you are entitled to to a fortune is nonsense, inheritance is ridiculous.

The fact is, there is no fair and there is no share that you are entitled to. Unless we go back to the original position of nobody owning anything and then have a mad scramble for everything whilst also promising not to have children because they will complain that they missed their chance to be part of the original scramble then it is all unfair. As soon as you give a bit of extra market power to anyone, the system is unfair.

So what is my point? Get over the idea that you deserve any more of the taxation revenue, profits from the till, payouts from insurance, services provided by the government. And if all you want is to be free from the man in your self sufficient plot of land, then find somewhere nobody else wants and go do it.

Apr 22, 2010, 13:38


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