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Can someone tell me what an illegal immigrant looks like?
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Re: Can someone tell me what an illegal immigrant looks like?

No, you're totally missing the point. This could be the best bill ever. No racial profiling or constitutional desecration whatsoever. This bill could be better than an all day MST3K marathon. But defending the bill by citing polling numbers shows a naivety about modern history. Just because the constituents support something doesn't make it right.

Let's go straight to perhaps the most obvious example, shall we? Once upon a time, the constituents of a fallen world power, also under trying economic and cultural circumstances (though surely not as trying as those of modern-day Arizonans!), threw their support behind an up-and-coming political party. Not in just a poll, mind you, but via a proper, free election. What could be more democratic than that?! Here, I know you'll want to read all about it:,_March_1933

Again, I'm not talking about the merits of this bill. Could be better than a corned beef and havarti sandwich on rye. I'm addressing your frighteningly faulty logic in citing a Rasmussen poll to defend said bill.

Apr 29, 2010, 17:28


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