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Can someone tell me what an illegal immigrant looks like?
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Re: Can someone tell me what an illegal immigrant looks like?

How is this not like the Weimar Republic? Instead of addressing problems with the citizens of the state people are focusing on easily identifiable minorities as the cause of problems.

This is the same exact thing, happened in the 18th century with African-Americans(yes the racism we've come to know was not always status quo in America), happened in the 40's with Japanese-Americans, Italians to a lesser extent and to European Jews.

This shit is fucking wrong. No group, be it working legitimately through the government or not should ever be allowed to decrease the rights of another in this way. This is purely based on how a person looks. If you're a legitimate citizen you have no reason to carry identification, at least for the government's sake. What the fuck is freedom if you can't do that?

America's problems have far more to do with American citizens than with illegal immigrants or even the government for that matter. Who elects these assholes? Who lets these assholes sell us out for capitalistic endeavors? Who lets these assholes decrease privacy? The American citizen.

Apr 30, 2010, 05:17


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