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"tim was so private that he never let me to see his process of composition"
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mirtchevman wrote:
moonduck wrote:
It was like an silent prenuptual. Don't give away secrets to a future competitor.

i wonder if the lyrics to 'margerine melody' were about their working relationship... i suspected that it was.

Great find! In this song she makes a wonderful connection between work and biological well being. I think we all become aware of this connection in our own lives. However, I’m not so sure the thing about competition rings true. Whether Tim is dominate is subjective, though he clearly had control as far as arranging the composition and integrating? her vocals, because Laetitia seemed to me to be the dominating force commercially and in concert.

The lyrics to University Microfilms International give a more intimate account synominous with the mood of her quote in this post. She hints at breaking free. Excerpts fom the song:

...find a new morn

And what if I
am tied and bound
lose my job

Venturing seems so risky

And what if I
get a divorce

People arenít to be trusted
Freedomís to be restricted

Donít even ask myself
if what I live is real,
an illusion will suffice...

May 02, 2010, 16:08