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"tim was so private that he never let me to see his process of composition"
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cyberpainter wrote:
palinuro wrote:

'In France we were destroyed for fifteen years on Stereolab by a very influential magazine and it prohibited us a career there, so unfortunately for these persons who demolished us we lost the confidence of the people and the opening to listening the group in France'

sorry for the poor translation

oh, the trip will be out via drag city...
Hmm, am I that out of it that I never heard about this? They've always played France whenever they've toured. But maybe sales were poor for their albums? Was there problems with their incorporating other music? Someone fill me in.

Not sure which magazine she's referring to (Les Inrockuptibles, perhaps?), as I don't really read the French music press. But I can attest to the fact that no one knows Stereolab in France (in comparison with the UK), which is a shame since you'd think they'd have quite a few of the elements which would appeal to a decent portion of the local population.

May 02, 2010, 18:15