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The Weather Underground
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The Weather Underground

As I posted here earlier, I bought a DVD documentary about The Weather Underground that was on sale (just a day or so before Palin made this part of the Republican campaign).

Just wanted to share some thoughts about it. I think everyone should see this.

First of all, after watching this I think McCain using Ayers as a link to Obama is definitely not valid.

What might be true is that Obama represents the kind of change that the existing members of The Weather Underground would want for America.

It was fascinating to see images from a time in which people who disagreed with war and with the government actually did something about it, instead of just accepting the status quo and complaining about it on the Internet.

The fact that the government is interested in censoring the Internet shows that the Internet is probably the last true vestige of a place that we have where we can voice our dissent.

I was also interested to find out that leaders of The Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were on a list of people the establishment wanted assassinated (right there with Martin Luther King Jr., no less).

Nov 04, 2008, 17:12