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shite music
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78 sluss
78 sluss
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shite music

it seems they got me into listening to shite music for about 7 years. all of MY RETURN's cru. tryed to get me to watch films like Snakes On A Plane, which i saw in hospital. if it weren't for them i would have never have got sectioned. i dunno if the message was stereolab type music is to rich for people like me. dunno what it would have been like for me if it wasn't for the idiots. would it have been more painfull when i finally got commited? cant remember what else i was gonna write. maybe it would have been better if i'd have just got on with my life. streams of pity reached the sky while they tryed to insight me to buy the shitest music in the univerce. being stuck in music of the past is good if you can do it. there's not much french progression these days. yet everyone's happy. hollywood gimmick has got us all batterd. when people like me advertise themself on the internet, all they get is pity, and people trying to kill you. now days i cant listen tomy favorite albums like Cobra. havn't for 7 years and never will. i can like stereolabs new stuff, like the stuff releced on itunes. but i cant really get down so much as these days i live in a hostel. ok thats enough art for now.

May 09, 2010, 18:20