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steal this book/movie/song.
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steal this book/movie/song.

i just looked at the thread MY RETURN started about porn actors and actresses making a 'public service' announcement trying to encourage folks to purchase their movies instead of downloading them off of 'pirate' sites. and this made me wonder:

people talk about 'pirating' but it seems more to me that information sharing technologies are causing us to evolve socially, to move beyond the limits and confines of the capitalist market structure.

obviously some of the people who stand to lose the most from this change are the people who currently benefit the most: musicians and movie stars and the industries that pay them; that's why they tend to shout the loudest. the newspaper industry is also 'suffering' from these changes.

what this has meant for the general populous is that we have gained almost unlimited access to information in almost all its forms -- the keys to the kingdom. and is that really such a bad thing as people say it is? i mean, shouldn't information that's meant for the public be free to the public? doesn't it make for more level ground socially, bring the celebrity back down to eye level and minimize hero worship? isn't that a good thing?

laetitia has commented on file-sharing and its effects on the groop. but she was smart not to pass any real judgment; how could she really, since for so many years, she's espoused marxist theory and concepts in her lyrics. and what else is this phenomenon of file-sharing but perhaps the beginnings of the stage that follows capitalism in the transition of a society headed towards a more socialist model?

socialism carries a lot of negative stigmas because of the way political leaders have enforced it. but what if it were to be implemented into society virally? the collectivist principles stay in tact but without political interference...

is this what abbie hoffman was trying to drive at but unable to properly articulate when he wrote 'steal this book' 40 years ago? am i onto something? or should i just stop drinking so much coffee in the morning...?

May 11, 2010, 15:58


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