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Re: Evolution?! lol

As a side note, some related thoughts...

When talking about art and artists, I think it's important to remember that the popular notion we have of the "Artist", that is, the creative individual artisan who against all odds crafts something of value from his own individual vision and ambition, is a bit disconnected from the actual history. Renaissance artists required wealthy patrons for support, (like the Catholic Church!) and were often directly coerced, sometimes on pain of death, as to the subject matter and content of their works.

Even today, the role of "artist" as a career option is extremely limited to a handful of very lucky individuals. And success is certainly no sure indication of quality. Should anybody really have to pay for a Keisha record?

Personally one thing I think file sharing and other new technology has brought to light is the all pervasive nature of media as environment. I sort of see it like the copyrighting of geneticallly modified seeds that just happen to land in some farmers field, forcing them to now pay for what used to be free. Should participation in culture be pay-for-play? Then what's wrong with payola? Should the dimensions of the media space we all live in be dictated by a few corporate executives?

Finally, what's that old anecdote about the Balinese, how did they respond when asked what their art was? "We have no art, we do everything as well as we can."

May 13, 2010, 01:47


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