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steal this book/movie/song.
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Re: steal this book/movie/song.

mirtchevman wrote:
mirtchevman wrote:
matthew6 wrote:
To me internet piracy is the virtual version of a mob that's smashing store windows and clearing the shelves during a blackout.... they want their stuff and don't give a shit about compensation.

if someone's breaking in to steal food or clothing that they need, that's one thing -- to break in and steal a luxury like entertainment, isn't that different...?

what if all of this is a way of causing us to reassess our value systems, to rethink what we consider culturally important?

just imagine if all the entertainment industries dried up and musicians, actors, writers and the like could no longer live in perpetual adolescence! they'd have to actually go out and instead use their talents towards some public service -- society would come to a standstill! suddenly all us common folk would all be forced to be creative and entertain ourselves and each other... for FREE! can you even fathom it??

Wow, that's pretty insulting to artists. Calling them adolescents, assuming they don't have some kind of job that might be doing some good... Belittling the hard work they might do. I haven't read the whole thread, I will later though.

May 13, 2010, 16:56


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